SMS Festival


Getting Around
There will be taxis around to take you into town and around the coast. There are national parks to explore, waterfalls to swim in and many a restaurant to visit. More info from Box Office onsite where we can also provide you with contact numbers for taxis.

Getting to and from Barbarella’s is made easy with the bus that makes regular trips from box office from midnight until the club closes at 6am.

If you prefer a stylish route, water taxis leave from the festival bay, making trips to town and Barbarella’s. Costs and info will be made available at the box office.

There is a local supermarket nearby where you can stock up, a small shop onsite with the essentials as well as onsite smoothie bar and restaurant and food stalls with tasty local food. You’ll find yourself with plenty of options.

The currency in Croatia is KUNA
There is an ATM at the entrance to the festival site, but it does empty quite quickly; so bring enough cash just in case.
1 Euro = 7.64 Croatian Kuna as of Mar 2015
1 British Pound = 10.45 Croatian Kuna as of Mar 2015

Boat Parties
You will need either a weekend festival wristband or a day&night ticket for the corresponding day plus of course your boat party ticket to access the boat!

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